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A random set of pictures of Galileo's development telescope IMSS 2427 and some of the steps used measuring and replicating it.
a set of "you tube movies" building the telescopes and in particular one of us  hollowing out the center of the tube

A photograph of the Galileo's original telescope. IMSS #2427.

Testing the optics of the finished replicas

A photograph of our replica of Galileo's telescope IMSS #2427

Checking  the length of one of  Galileo's original development telescope with our optical ruler  made with our short range  crosshair telescopes. 10 time magnification..

Our method for determining the radial profile of the  development telescope IMSS 2427, We created and used an enhanced first derivative method. Note that the original  is bent.

Galileo telescope objective #2427 at Philadelphia Pa. summer 2009






 An IMSS photo of Galileo's telescope showing the objective end of the original 2008

 An IMSS photo of Galileo's telescope showing the objective of the original after restoration

  An IMSS photo of Galileo's telescope showing an IMSS photo showing The components of the  after restoration

 An IMSS photo of Galileo's telescope showing the eye piece of the telescope after restoration

 An IMSS photo of Galileo's telescope showing the components of the eyepiece after restoration 

One of our photos of of Galileo's telescope the eyepiece end of the original 2008
Three of our replicas drying in the sun. The two halves of the telescope body glued together

A example of a typical 1500 type wood lathe foot powered for  turning the body of Galileo's telescope

 2009 electric powered lathe with the tail stock extended to accommodate the length of the IMSS 2427 replica.
Turning the lens holders

The photos marked IMSS are are protected by an IMSS copy right and need their permission before being used. 

The rest are by  Jim & Rhoda Morris

Copy rights and usage. Photos and written material are by Jim & Rhoda Morris unless noted otherwise. Free personal and educational use  is encouraged by Jim & Rhoda Morris --- Acknowledgment is appreciated; all commercial rights are reserved

We recommend  a new book  for everyone, tech or not tech, written by some of the most qualified Scholars in this  field.  "Galileo's Telescope The Instrument The Changed the World" edited by Giorgio Strano ( curator IMSS ), Pub  Giunti 2008 (isbn 978-88-09-05938-2) It can be bought at http://www.artbooks.com/wc.dll?AB~searchquick~&cart=0  ( type in 97888090593) It is a very beautiful book/Catalog.

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